Reputation Institute - Expertise


We ultimately help organizations improve their relationships with stakeholders. We help close the gap between how stakeholders perceive the company today, what they want from the company, and where the company wants to go.

People  – Interested clients would be partnering with the folks who “wrote the book” on reputation. We pioneered reputation as a management discipline through the seminal work of our founders and the proven outcomes across some of the world’s most sophisticated and highly regarded organizations. Leveraging our Knowledge Center, clients also have access to the world’s foremost reputation thought-leaders.

Process – We have spent 25 years learning how corporate reputation connects to business results – clients don’t engage us to “reinvent the wheel”, but rather to bring this unparalleled depth of expertise to bear on their business directly. Reputation is older than RI, but only RI has continually pushed to harness it – using predictive modeling techniques to provide actionable recommendations that propel the business needs of our clients. The real power lies in our clients’ ability to tap into our normative database, which underpins our predictive modeling. We set informed targets from the outset, cutting in half (at least) the time series of input clients would need through any other approach.

Proven – We are the only globally-minded “pure-play” reputation management consultancy on the planet. This is the only thing we do – we have no execution engine (PR, Advertising) to feed, and therefore focus only on serving clients who are asking the hard questions, working with them towards the best solutions, wherever they may come from. We enable business leaders to make business decisions – our deliverable is never a research report. Client’s don’t need more research – they need rigorous guidance that will enable them to harness their ecosystems in a way that builds trust for the organization as a strategic outcome of their actions.