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RepTrak® Reputation Measurement Framework

Through our on-going research, we know what drives reputation across more than 15 stakeholder groups in over 25 industries and over 50 countries for more than 5,000 companies.

Gold standard for reputation measurement

Reputation Institute’s RepTrak® decision tool is the global gold standard for reputation measurement and management. RepTrak® earned its place as the gold standard by showing executives that they can reliably measure and communicate global reputation metrics for companies, countries and cities — and see trends in that data over time. RepTrak® is the largest normative database in the world for organizations to benchmark reputation management and provides context for decision making.

The RepTrak® tool started out as a revolutionary idea that reputation can be measured if you have a scientific, disciplined and consistent way to capture stakeholder perceptions about a company or an organization. Today it is used by hundreds of organizations to measure, communicate and manage initiatives that impact reputation. Through our advanced analytics, we know what drives reputation across more than 15 stakeholder groups in over 25 industries and over 50 countries for more than 5,000 companies. We can also point to trends across organizations, industries, cities and countries because we have captured this data using a consistent methodology for more than nine years.

RepTrak® is the methodology behind the Forbes-published Global RepTrak® 100, the world’s largest study of corporate reputations. It is designed to understand what it takes to build trust and support with the general public around the world.

RepTrak® methodology is fully flexible and can be adopted to the specific needs of any organization. Through our work we know what drives reputation, but we also know that all organizations are unique. So RepTrak® is a smart tool which can be customized without losing the ability to benchmark.

RepTrak Pulse RepTrak Pulse RepTrak Pulse

Products & Services

I believe the organization’s products are high in quality, value and service and meet the customers’ needs.


I believe the organization is innovative and adaptive.


I believe the organization maintains good workplaces, treating and rewarding employees fairly.


I believe the organization is ethical, fair and transparent.


I believe the organization is environmentally friendly, a supporter of good causes and a positive contributor to society.


I believe the organization’s leaders are excellent and visionary managers, and strong endorsers of their companies.

Financial performance

I believe the organization has strong overall financial performance, profitability and growth prospects.

RepTrak® Pulse

The RepTrak® Pulse averages the scores I have rated for the organization.


If I had the opportunity, I would buy the products/services of this organization.


I would recommend this organization to others.

Crisis Proof

If the organization was faced with a product or service problem, I would trust them to do the right thing.

Verbal Support

I would say something positive about the organization.


If I had the opportunity, I would invest in this organization.


If I had the opportunity, I would work for this organization.