Reputation Institute - The RepTrak® Framework
The RepTrak® Framework

The RepTrak® Framework

We help close the gap between how stakeholders perceive the company today, what they want from the company, and where the company wants to go. We deliver decision-support through methodologies based on rigorous research, tools and analytics, and built upon our 15 years of experience in the area of analyzing perception and behavior.

Global RepTrak

Our RepTrak® model, and the global database behind it, support a level of normative depth in stakeholder perception and behavior analysis that is unmatched in the field of corporate reputation.

The RepTrak® model examines the relationship between the emotional connection, or “Pulse”, with any given stakeholder, alongside perceptions of seven underlying rational connections. “or dimensions”, identified as: (1) Products/Services, (2) Innovation, (3) Workplace, (4) Citizenship, (5) Governance, (6) Leadership, and (7) Performance. Inside of each dimension lie specific attributes that can be customized for clients in order to allow for program and message-ready analysis.



We architect. Carry out an intensive discovery inside your company, then create a blueprint to address your most difficult challenges . We analyze. Rigorously quantify your reputation ecosystem and provide sound, data-driven insights. We act. Make insights actionable; predictively measure impact; create a reputation-based decision-support system. We assess. Post strategy implementation, assess and quantify results.