Strategic Advisory Services

Strategic Advisory Services


Reputation Audit

A starting point for understanding and benchmarking reputation, through using our Landscape tool as a way analyze proprietary RepTrak® data and other enterprise data.

Reputation Leadership

Provides the rigor and diagnostic rationalization for developing reputation management program, through leveraging key assets including our Blueprint tool, Reputation Journey framework and Reputation Leaders Survey.

Corporate Brand Purpose

A qualitatively inspired and RepTrak® data informed means for aligning the organization behind the idea of a corporate brand purpose, in using the Corporate Brand House framework.

Corporate Brand Architecture

A framework that uses RepTrak®, enterprise data, and executive team input to build the optimal organizational architecture based on the premise of the Corporate Brand House.

Corporate Communication Planning

Applying our expertise in reputation and RepTrak® data, to shape and optimize corporate communications planning using touch-point analysis and evaluation of brand expressiveness.

Return on Reputation

An analytically driven means to dash-boarding, tracking, and measuring reputation based on a correlation of Reptrak® with the major KPIs that impact the enterprise.

Reputation Risk Management

Ongoing strategic advice to help reduce reputation risk through proactive issues management strategies (e.g., Corporate Social Responsibility and CEO Reputation) encompassing our RepTrak® data.

Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

A study of stakeholder groups -- driven by a deep understanding of the stakeholder ecosystem and hierarchy of importance, to understand alignment with the corporate brand purpose.

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