Reputation Institute - Our Approach
Our Approach

Our Approach

We audit, architect, analyze, act and assess.

Audit – Every company has a wealth of existing information and insight into its stakeholders and their relationship to the business. Our first step is to make sure we take maximum advantage of this knowledge, ensuring that all future work is additive.

Architect – Armed with that existing information, combined with input from key executives and internal stakeholder experts, we then create a reputation blueprint – an analytical framework that customizes a client-specific reputation lens that maps to all business issues and opportunities.

Analyze – We analyze all company stakeholders, your reputation ecosystem; measure perceptions, expectations. Using a sophisticated approach, and rigorous analytics, we bring the blueprint to life, depicting a dynamic model for how reputation affects your business.

Act – We apply our analysis to strategy, and predict the impact of your planned actions and investments. Going beyond customer-based models, we help you to layer in the diverse expectations of multiple stakeholders across multiple influence points to create a decision-engine that gauges potential reputation effects in a world where one-to-one has become one-to-many.

Assess – Our recommendations are designed to be trackable; and we can assess and quantify the ROI you achieve as a result of them. We arrive at a baseline number in “Analyze” and predict how far you can move that number based on the planned actions from “Act”.