Global RepTrak® 100

See Who Made the 2015 Global RepTrak® 100

BMW, Google, Daimler Top the World's Largest Survey of Corporate Reputations

Reputation Institute’s Global RepTrak® 100 uncovers the world’s most reputable companies on innovation, governance, citizenship and more.


Strategies from some of the top ranked companies

What would you say are the specific initiatives – internal and external – that you have been doing to make people understand who you are as a company?

Bill McAndrews, Vice President, Head of BMW Group Corporate Communications

"The BMW Group as a whole is an innovation driver. That’s the basis for everything we do.

What’s also essential is to communicate to various stakeholders what our company is doing as a good corporate citizen.

Also, our job as communicators is to create platforms or channels which promote contact not only with our products, but also with experts within the company.

In short, business is people. 

And even though we have the great tools of internet and social media, face-to-face interaction is an integral component in maintaining a strong corporate reputation."

Chip Bergh, President and Chief Executive Officer,
Levi Strauss & Co.
“A large part of Levi Strauss & Co.’s successful 162-year history is our commitment to quality apparel that never goes out of style and an unrelenting focus on innovation that started with the invention of the blue jean. Our values date back to our founder who ran the business with a profits through principles approach that still guides us today.”
Jørgen Vig Knudstorp,
President and CEO
of the LEGO Group

“We have kept a clear focus on our commitment to bring high quality and creative LEGO experiences into the hands of children all over the world – based on the LEGO brick. We believe our ability to reinvent the LEGO play experience year after year and create products that appeal to children is key to not only our performance but also our reputation. The emotional bond children, parents and even grandparents have with our product is very strong. In addition we have always had a huge focus on operating in a responsible manner in order to positively impact the world we live in. We believe the survey is a great way to measure how we perform as a company and we remain dedicated to continue to live up to the expectations children, parents and other stakeholders have on us.”

Ken Golden, Director,
Global Public Relations,

John Deere

“We believe reputation is built on our commitment to customers to provide quality, innovative products and back them with integrity. If we do this well, we protect and enhance our positive reputation. “



Patrick Fitzgerald, SVP Integrated Marketing
and Communications, Fedex

"FedEx connects people and possibilities around the world, linking small businesses to the global marketplace and supporting communities in challenging times. To be ranked among the most reputable companies is a great honor, and a reflection of what our 325,000 team members strive to deliver every day—an outstanding FedEx experience."

Why Global RepTrak® 100 Matters To You

The insights generated through the Global RepTrak® 100 study can help executives:

  • Get clarity on what consumers want in return for their trust and support
  • Map the reputation of the company across the 15 largest economies with one single lens
  • Identify reputation risks and opportunities with consumers
  • Guide marketing and communication plans to improve return on investment

Methodology for the 2015 Global RepTrak® 100 study

  • The Global RepTrak® 100 study measures the reputation of the 100 most highly regarded companies across 15 countries
  • More than 61,000 interviews with consumers were conducted
  • Highlights consumer perspective on what drives trust and support and how the 100 companies are living up to their expectations
  • All companies were evaluated using the RepTrak® methodology
  • The study was conducted in 1Q 2015

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