Reputation Institute - Global RepTrak® Pulse Study
Global RepTrak® Pulse Study

Global RepTrak® Pulse Study

Studying the reputations and expectations of thousands of corporations around the world.

Reputation Institute is constantly investigating what drives reputation across more than 15 stakeholder groups in over 25 industries and over 30 countries. RepTrak® is embedded in all of these studies providing the largest normative database in the world for companies to benchmark against and provide context for decision making.

The annual Global RepTrak® Pulse is the world's largest reputation study. It is designed to understand what it takes to build trust and support with the general public around the world. Measuring more than 2000 companies from 25 industries across 40 countries, the study provides key insights into what drives these perceptions and how they influence marketplace behavior. RepTrak® Pulse scores provide a powerful global benchmark for tracking corporate reputations in industries and countries around the world, and serves as the basis for continued thought leadership in the field of reputation management.

Reputation Institute's methodology combines rigorous research with years of experience working with some of the world's most successful organizations. The Global RepTrak® Pulse is a critical part of our vast repository of detailed industry and stakeholder insights, anchoring the normative database upon which our clients rely to help them gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.