What is the relationship between a company’s operating performance and ratings given to the company by different stakeholders, including media, experts, the public, and other observers? Does a company’s reputation influence its market performance? Is there a reputation benefit –and should companies invest in building and defending it?

Reputation Institute Founder Dr. Charles Fombrun answers these questions through original analyses using data from Reputation Institute’s global RepTrak® studies 2006-2016, complemented by metrics provided by RepRisk, CSR Hub, Corporate Knights, KLD-MSCI, Newsweek, and Forbes. Non-financial metrics are aggregated into an index of (a) Social Performance, and (b) Media Exposure.

Access the research to review the findings, including:

  • Analysis of the reputation ecosystem,
  • Net effect of reputation on market performance,
  • Whether or not RepTrak® portfolios outperform the market.  

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