Cleaning Up Corruption is a Key to Middle East Stability

National Review
national review

Headlines in the Middle East revolve around the risks from terrorism. Drone attacks that were blamed on Iran against Saudi Arabian oil facilities roiled the world’s oil markets last month, and an Iranian tanker was then damaged by rocket attacks a couple weeks later.

But the real long-term threat to the stability of the region is the lack of respect for the Rule of Law — the principle under which people and institutions are accountable under laws that apply equally to all.

Across much of the developing world, the corruption of courts and other government institutions threatens the free flow of goods and capital that promotes economic growth. Left unaddressed, such threats can lead to heightened tensions among nations and even outright trade wars. Diplomats operate under constraints that limit how much they can call out international bad actors who violate the rule of law.

That’s why the role of outside watchdogs is so important in promoting the Rule of Law and holding nations to the standards of fairness and impartiality they claim to meet

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