Climate Change: Radical Marketing the way to go

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Business Times

Climate change is an existential threat. Take into account that 97 per cent of climate scientists agree that mankind's activities for the past 100 years have helped accelerate climate change, disrupting ecosystems everywhere. Reputation is earned from the experiences of stakeholders: customers, employees, business and value chain partners, government alliances, NGOs and even social movements. Everyone plays a role since the scientific evidence says we have 12 years to limit devastating global warming or face the irreversible loss of many ecosystems required to sustain life. Fail here and your other marketing metrics won't matter.

Questioning the science is of little use. Rather it is imperative to start aggressively re-strategising your company's future vis-à-vis this climate change challenge. Radical Marketing shows how by focusing on four interconnected factors: stakeholders, solutions, environment and engagement.

Radical Marketing begins here since climate solutions must positively impact people everywhere. Company leaders have a moral, ethical and fiduciary responsibility to re-align their company's strategy to benefit all stakeholders. Targeting micro-markets of customers through data mining and predictive analytics is irrelevant if their interests have shifted from upgrading their widgets to simply surviving. Therefore, leaders must redefine their relationship with and understanding of their stakeholder community. This will not be easy because most stakeholders typically have a vested interest in the status quo and have difficulty imagining new solutions. But leaders must radically refocus their solutions to support responsible and sustainable environment impact.

For example, the Reputation Institute has ranked Sony Japan as a Top 10 Most Reputable Company for the past nine years, thanks in part to its "Road to Zero" efforts to achieve a zero environmental footprint.

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