Despite Worker Complaints, Google is Still World's Most Reputable Employer


Google, the Internet search engine that promised to not "be evil," is consistently the subject of bad news, including charges of sexual harassment, data privacy concerns, anti-trust investigations, and criticism—both internal and external—of projects with unpopular U.S. agencies and foreign governments. 

Yet it retains its rank as the world's most reputable employer for the second consecutive year, according to the Reputation Institute's 2019 Global Workplace 100 study based on 230,000 individual ratings from online public surveys collected in the first quarter of 2019.

While Google maintained its first-place ranking as an employer, global perceptions of it as a company have declined from a year ago, resulting in a drop from 3rd to 14th. In the U.S., Google plummeted 63 spots, falling out of the top 100 for the first time.

"The company's approach to issues such as military contracts, equitable treatment of contract workers and the perceived mishandling of sexual-harassment claims all contributed to Google's diminished reputation as a company," said Kylie Wright-Ford, CEO of Reputation Institute, a data insights technology company and provider of reputation measurement and management services based in Boston. "Still, it outperformed other highly regarded companies to hold on to the top spot as a place to work."

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