How companies can benefit from the reputation of their consumer brands

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Imagine a supermarket in which customers never know the shop’s name and never see its logo - except perhaps in one place, hidden around the back of the building.

Of course, no such supermarket actually exists - retailers understand that they cannot solely rely on the brands occupying their shelves to stand out from the competition, that they need to be more than just the sum of their parts. As such, they invest in holiday campaigns, run charity partnerships, actively cultivate a brand and engage in reputation management.

And yet the FMCG companies who supply them with products often do not. From the morning breakfast cereal to the post-gym protein hit, via all our other daily meals, snacks and beverages, their products are a near-constant in modern life. Thanks in no small part to the substantial investments made in their marketing, many of these items play cherished, crucial roles in our daily lives.

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