Restoring Pharma's Reputation

Pharma Exec

It’s no secret that in today’s regulatory and political climate, pharmaceutical companies in the US face a wide variety of challenges, not the least of which is building and maintaining a strong reputation with customers, investors, regulators, and influencers—the people who matter most for their growth and prosperity. 

According to the results of the Reputation Institute (Ri) 2019 US Pharma RepTrak® study, here’s a glance at what the US pharma industry must manage and mitigate on a daily basis:

  • Continued public and regulatory scrutiny regarding highly publicized drug costs.
  • The media’s attachment to the role and responsibility of pharma companies in the opioid crisis and its perceived focus on profit vs. societal benefit. 
  • Financial pressure in China to US trade tariffs.
  • Widespread workplace diversity gaps.

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