Revealed: How Delivery Drivers are Using Online 'Sorry We Missed You' Notes to Avoid Dropping Off Parcels at Christmas Time

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Delivery drivers are using 'sorry we missed you' delivery notes online to avoid having to drop off Christmas parcels during the busy festive season, a new survey reveals.

An Amazon spokesman said: 'We invest in our fulfillment operations and work with our delivery partners to deliver parcels on time and take seriously any instance where a customer doesn't receive the service they expect and work with them to make it right. 

'This is recognised by the fact that Amazon has topped the Institute of Customer Service's UK Customer Satisfaction Index, the UK's most prestigious customer service award, six times in a row, was recently named the UK's most reputable retailer by the Reputation Institute, and Amazon Logistics was recognised for its good delivery performance in a Which? survey of 10,500 consumers.'

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