Study: Google has the Best Reputation for Corporate Responsibility in the World

PR Week

Google has the best reputation for corporate responsibility in the world, according to Reputation Institute’s 2018 Global CR RepTrak 100 Rankings study.

The study measured corporate responsibility by a company’s commitment to be a fair employer (Workplace), its role in society (Citizenship), and its ability to meet its fiscal obligations for shareholders (Governance).

The Reputation Institute discovered that the tech industry’s overall corporate responsibility reputation declined the most of all industries, with a 3.9 point drop in Workplace, a 2.9 point decline in citizenship, and a 2.7 point decline in governance. Tech fell by 3.1 points overall.

Google’s saving grace was its workplace reputation – particularly, its employees’ sense of purpose and its commitment to be an equal opportunity employer, said Stephen Hahn-Griffiths, chief reputation officer at Reputation Institute.

"It was successful in other dimensions, but the key differentiator was the Workplace," he added, praising CEO Sundar Pichai for embodying the company’s culture.

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