The World's Most Reputable Companies 2019


The global business community saw a significant reputation regression last year, with crises ranging from data breach scandals to sexual harassment allegations shattering much of the trust in corporations that had been restored since the end of the Great Recession. While companies have yet to fully regain the confidence of the general public, the outlook does seem slightly rosier. 

“Despite divisiveness and geopolitical uncertainty in the world, we’ve averted a reputation recession and are seeing the early signs of reputation recovery,” says Stephen Hahn-Griffiths, chief reputation officer of the Reputation Institute, a reputation measurement and management services firm. Since 2006, RI has published the Global RepTrak 100, an annual study of corporate reputation. This year’s ranking revealed an average one-point increase in the reputation of RT100 companies. It’s an improvement, no doubt, but not one that’s great enough to offset the average 1.4-point decline recorded in 2018.

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