Reputation Institute Announces the 10 Most Reputable Employers Worldwide in Inaugural Employer of Choice RepTrak

Corporate Responsibility RepTrak 100 Press Release 2018

BOSTON, NOVEMBER 29, 2018 — Reputation Institute (RI), the world’s leading provider of reputation measurement, management and intelligence services, today announced the company’s first ever Employer of Choice RepTrak® study naming the world’s 10 most reputable employers with the greatest “Willingness to Work For” scores from the General Public. 

The top 10 employer leaders globally recognized in RI’s 2018 Employer of Choice RepTrak® are (in alphabetical order):

  • 3M [NYSE: MMM]
  • Bosch [NSE: BOSCHLTD]
  • Canon [NYSE: CAJ]
  • Google [NASDAQ: GOOGL]
  • Intel [NASDAQ: INTC]
  • The LEGO Group 
  • Microsoft [NASDAQ: MSFT]
  • Netflix [NASDAQ: NFLX]
  • The Walt Disney Company [NYSE: DIS]

The world’s largest reputation study of its kind, the Employer of Choice RepTrak is based on more than 230,000 individual ratings collected in the first quarter of 2018. It includes unique insights into the dynamics behind reputational impact. The global study shows what drives employer reputation, and the direct correlation between corporate reputation and stakeholder support.

“The employee recruiting environment is increasingly challenging and highly competitive, with low unemployment and high employee turnover,” said Michele Tesoro-Tess, Executive Vice President and Market Leader at Reputation Institute. “The rubric for what it takes to be a great employer is quickly shifting. To be relevant as an Employer of Choice today, you need to be a progressive company with a moral conscience.”

“While organizations have traditionally focused on workplace metrics to attract and retain employees, our analysis shows the most important drivers of intent to work for a company go beyond that,” said Sven Klingemann, Global Research Manager at Reputation Institute. “Key drivers of becoming an employer of choice include being innovative; delivering on high-quality product experience at a good value; being ethical, environmentally conscious, and positively mindful of societal influence; as well as appealing leadership.”

Key findings from the study demonstrate that Employer of Choice organizations enjoy competitive advantages — not only from an employer attractiveness perspective but also encompassing a wide range of other supportive behaviors.  These supportive behaviors are reflected across diverse demographic groups, including Millennials, a key stakeholder group for employers. 

Study results indicate that to become an Employer of Choice companies need to be progressive in a sustainable way, create compelling corporate narrative to express what they stand for and embrace their cultural values, while also leveraging their CEO to humanize the company. To remain an Employer of Choice, companies need to continue to act ethically.

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