Kylie Wright-Ford

Chief Executive Officer 

"If you're building an enduring company, you have to be able to plan for the future."

Our Mission

We unleash the power of reputation to help build better companies.

Reputation Institute (RI) is pioneering new frontiers of Reputation Intelligence. We help companies navigate the reputation economy. By tracking the digital narrative and stakeholder perceptions, we unleash the power of Reputation Intelligence. Our RepTrak model analyzes the reputation of companies across multiple stakeholders and our algorithm is world-renowned. 

Founded in 1997, we have a rich legacy and a proven methodology. Now fueled by new investments, our reputation expertise, and multiple partners throughout the world, we are aggressively growing our global operations, adding real-time delivery capabilities, and building AI-driven products to enhance returns on reputation.

Our Values

RI has a unique culture that is globally-minded, spirited, and fun. We pride ourselves on being at the center of the reputation ecosystem but are restless to keep creating value, innovating and building an unstoppable team along the way.

Be a Pioneer
We are entrepreneurial and constantly create value

  • We move forward with speed to reach out goals
  • We stimulate our curiosity and intellect to serve our company and customers
  • We are effective in our pursuits to better the world around us

Practice Rigor
We focus on quality, precision, and validity in our work

  • We use methods rooted in data science and deep knowledge
  • We care about accuracy in everything we do
  • We take calculated risks to create sustainable results

Stay Committed
We follow through on commitments to honour our word

  • We are passionate about our customers and each other
  • We are focused on developing and maintaining long-term relationships
  • We are collaborative and consistent in our approach

    Be Honest
    We're ethically, fiscally, and environmentally responsible
  • We buy what we sell and say what we think
  • We are ego-less when it comes to accomplishing business goals
  • We question actions that are inconsistent with our values

Be Brave
We are open to new ways and thinking

  • We create useful new ideas and ways of operating through dialogue, not dogma
  • We make each person feel valued and free to be who they are
  • We are one with the planet and all its cultures


Our Team

We are a global, diverse, and intellectually curious team. We are creative, fun, and flexible, welcoming new challenges in this dynamically changing industry. 

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