Determine the ideal relationship between your reputation and your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities.

CSR Alignment with Reputation
CSR Alignment with Reputation
We help companies determine the ideal relationship between reputation and its CSR activities.

Leveraging our RepTrak® framework, we help companies understand which CSR activities resonate most positively with key stakeholders, and why.


Questions We Help Companies Answer

  • Which of our CSR activities resonate most positively with important stakeholder groups?
  • Are we effective at communicating these activities?
  • Does our CSR strategy differentiate us from our competitors?
  • How should we weigh the interests of different stakeholder groups to strike the right balance of CSR activities?
  • What’s our social license to operate? How can we improve it?
  • How do we communicate the role that reputation performance plays in making the value case for CSR?

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