Curing Reputation Challenges

  Hospitals, insurance companies, and other healthcare organizations are in the    business of saving lives. They provide a safe space where highly-specialized professionals and staff work to support and heal others.

The result is a communication and awareness challenge. Focused on science, medicine, and health, marketing and communication efforts are not typically at the fore of a hospital’s initiatives. Hospitals and the healthcare industry-at-large must find ways to share the good work they do with their stakeholders. 

How We Add Value 

At RI, we identify which stakeholders are the most likely to affect real change.

We unleash the voice of the healthcare industry by helping hospitals and other organizations focus on key differentiators that empower them to outshine their competitors. This way, healthcare leaders can continue focusing on what matters most – healthcare. We take care of the rest.

Did you know?

Purpose-driven healthcare organizations like St. Jude’s Hospital and USAA outperform other hospitals and healthcare insurance companies in reputation.

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