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Reputation Institute is the world's leading research and advisory firm for reputation. We provide senior communications and marketing executives at global companies the single-best way to measure, communicate and manage reputation performance. With this insight, companies can protect their reputations, analyze risks and drive competitive advantage. We serve as clients more than 400 of the top Global 1,000 companies.

Our RepTrak® model analyzes the reputations of companies and is best known as the Forbes-published Global RepTrak® 100. Underlying the model is the RepTrak® methodology, the global gold standard for measuring reputation.


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Bacardi Corporate Responsibility Efforts Highlighted in 2017 Report - Hospitality Industry
September 26, 2017 - Bacardi is actively engaged in global responsible drinking initiatives, reaching more than one million underage individuals with underage drinking prevention education programs, and cut its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions intensity in half.

Why Now Is A Good Time To Invest In P2P Loans (Hint: 7% Yields With Controlled Risks) - Forbes
September 25, 2017 - When it comes to public sentiment, banks and Congress have a lot in common. People tell pollsters they dislike Congress in general, but they keep re-electing their own representative and senators.

British leaders react to Uber’s licence ban in London - Real Business
September 25, 2017 - On Friday 22 September, Transport for London (TfL) made a statement that, from 30 September, Uber would no longer be welcome in the capital.

Corporate Responsibility and staff - Ethical Marketing News
September 24, 2017 - This week there’s been quite a lot of new stories concerning corporate responsibility and corporate social responsibility. The Reputation Institute put out its global ranking for companies with the best CSR reputation.

Lego Group Leads Global Ranking Of Best CSR Reputation - Ethical Marketing News
September 23, 2017 - While Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Is Increasingly a Top Driver of Stakeholder Support, Earning a Good Reputation Through CSR Has Become More Difficult With Only 11 Companies Having a Strong Score in 2017 Compared With 18 Companies in 2016.

Finance sector: Mid-range banks should be solid bet for investments - Tulsa World
September 22, 2017 - A raise in the federal interest rates and a stabilizing economy have made banks more attractive for investments in the future.

Red Light for Uber in London - Communicate Mag
September 22, 2017 - Banned in Nevada, in parts of India, in Fukoka, Japan, in Eugene, Oregon. Now, banned in London. Shock waves rippled through London as Transport for London (TfL) announced earlier today that Uber would be banned from the streets of the capital, beginning on 30 September.

Apple, Samsung suffer in CSR reputation ranking, Lego takes top position - Marketing Mag
September 22, 2017 - Public perception of Apple and Samsung’s corporate social responsibility efforts suffers a steep decline, according to an annual study.

Lego, Microsoft and Google top CSR reputation ranking - Research Live
September 21, 2017 - Technology companies have dominated the latest corporate social responsibility (CSR) ranking from the Reputation Institute, although Apple, Google and Samsung have seen their CSR scores fall this year.

We’re honored to be recognized for our great reputation - Publix Blog
September 20, 2017 - When Publix founder George Jenkins set out to openhis first store, he was determined to make it great by focusing on all his stakeholders – customers, associates, suppliers and the local community too.

The 10 Companies With The Best CSR Reputations In 2017 - The CSR Journal
September 15, 2017 - A recent analysis of 170,000 company ratings from respondents in 15 countries sheds light on which are perceived by consumers as the most socially responsible.

John Lewis says Christmas offer must be ‘irresistible’ amid weaker consumer demand - Marketing Week
September 14, 2017 - The retail giant says consumer demand for big-ticket purchases is now ‘more difficult’, putting more pressure on the John Lewis Christmas campaign to succeed.

The 10 Companies With The Best CSR Reputations In 2017 - Forbes
September 13, 2017 - A recent analysis of 170,000 company ratings from respondents in 15 countries sheds light on which are perceived by consumers as the most socially responsible.

LEGO Group Leads Global Ranking of Best CSR Reputation - Director's Talk
September 13, 2017 - Reputation Institute has released the main findings of its 2017 Global CSR RepTrak® 100 report, including the list of the companies considered as the most responsible worldwide.

Reputation Institute Accelerating Growth with New Locations Across United States - City Biz List
September 13, 2017 - Reputation Institute continues to build upon strong global growth and investments with the expansion of locations across the United States and the appointment of Sue Tobias, William Shifflett, Phil Fox and Ivan Rocabado as Vice Presidents and Consulting Directors to lead strategic hubs in Chicago, Atlanta and the West Coast.

Why brands’ reputations are dependent on transparent leadership - PR Moment
September 8, 2017 - Leadership is described as the ability to drive and inspire a group of people or an organisation. And in a world fuelled by persistent social media and online news commentary, the ability to lead an organisation successfully is under constant public scrutiny.

Van Gogh Museum number one in Europe - Bernieshoot
September 1, 2017 - Erasmus University published a large-scale study of the reputation of the 18 most famous art museums around the world. European respondents placed the Van Gogh Museum first in the reputation ranking, ahead of the Louvre. The Van Gogh Museum came second worldwide.

2017 Country Reputation Ranking: Leaders, Highlights and Trends - Place Brand Observer
August 29, 2017 - Nicolas Georges Trad of the Reputation Institute shares key findings and reflects on changes in country reputation over the last years.

New Study Shows That European Museums Are More Trusted Than American Ones - ArtNet
August 29, 2017 - A new reputation study comparing 18 of the most famous art museums in the world shows European institutions emerge on top worldwide, with many scoring higher than the world’s most reputed businesses.

Van Gogh Museum ranked number one in Europe in museum reputation study by Erasmus University - Art Daily
August 29, 2017 - Erasmus University has today published a large-scale study of the reputation of the eighteen most famous art museums around the world.

Webster Bank gets VP and reputation rating - Westfair Online
August 25, 2017 - Daniel Montanaro has joined Webster Bank as its senior vice president and a private banker in Greenwich. He had been with Bank of America/Merrill Lynch.

Are UK banks too innovative? - London Loves Business
August 23, 2017 - A detailed new multi-industry survey has highlighted the critical difference opening up between customer expectations and business priorities in the banking industry, with companies seen as succeeding on innovation but falling far short on customer care and offering basic value.

Swedish innovation has a bad reputation - NyTeknik
August 23, 2017 - Several Swedish large companies are experienced to have a strong innovation capacity at home. But internationally, Sweden is far from world-class, shows a new study from the Reputation Institute (RI).

Leadership roles change at two major banks in Middle Georgia - The Telegraph
August 18, 2017 - Two major banking companies in Middle Georgia have changed leaders. Synovus Bank has appointed Jim Manley as market executive of Middle Georgia, with responsibility for leading teams in Macon, Warner Robins, Tifton and Valdosta, according to a news release from Synovus.

Is There Such a Thing as a 'Brand Fail' Anymore? - Marketing Profs
August 17, 2017 - When Saturday Night Live devotes an entire sketch to lampooning your new ad, it's a sign that you've messed up in a pretty heinous way.

Reputation Institute Appoints Michele Tesoro Tess As Executive Partner Leading Strong Growth in North America - Relationship Science
August 16, 2017 - Reputation Institute extends the foundation of strong market growth with the appointment of Michele Tesoro-Tess to the leadership team as Executive Partner for North America.

CSO, CUNA Mutual Group, and Chubb Top List of Most Reputable Insurance Companies - Financial Buzz
August 12, 2017 - CSO, Cuna Mutual Group, and Chubb top the 2017 list of the most reputable insurance companies in the United States, Reputation Institute announced today with the release of the 2017 US Insurance RepTrak®, the survey of insurance company reputations.

Country Brand Reputation - Communicate Magazine
August 11, 2017 - The reputation of a country or ‘country brand' has a significant economic value. The perception of a country can be created by the public actions, brands, people, tourist experiences, among others, and the way these are communicated to the world.

Google Earns Positive PR on Diversity - Under Duress - Crenshaw Communications
August 8, 2017 - Simmering issues of diversity and gender discrimination in the tech industry were spotlighted this week when an internal memo penned by a Google engineer went viral, causing a public relations earthquake for the company.

How we can all help to manage Nigeria’s reputation - The Cable
August 8, 2017 - Some people would wonder why anybody would bother about the image of Nigeria at a time majority of the people are groaning under the weight of economic hardship. I was almost feeling the same way, when I received a call from Ikem Okuhu, the restless and acutely brilliant CEO of Brandish Magazine...

Michelin top-ranked French brand in the UK - Tyrepress
August 2, 2017 - For the third consecutive year, the Reputation Institute, which ranks brands around the world according to their reputation, has put Michelin at the head of the French rankings and 13th globally.

Ferrero commits to deforestation-free cocoa supply chain - Fast Moving
August 1, 2017 - Kinder Bueno parent Ferrero has said that it is committing to a 'deforestation-free global cocoa supply chain', with a series of moves towards ensuring its cocoa is sourced as sustainably as possible.

Webster’s Reputation - West Fair Online
July 31, 2017 - Waterbury-based Webster Bank was named one of the “most reputable banks” in the country in the 2017 Survey of Bank Reputations, conducted by the independent organization Reputation Institute.

Should you sell Facebook, Google and Amazon before regulators break up the tech giants - or is the tech backlash hyped up?  - Daily Mail 
July 29, 2017 - The world’s largest technology companies are coming under increasing scrutiny because of their size, ubiquity and power. Amazon alone accounts for almost a third of all retail growth (offline and online) in the US. Two billion people use Facebook every month.

Aflac Leads the Way in Being a Responsible Corporate Citizen - Just Means Blog
July 29, 2017 - Large companies around the world have the power as well as the responsibility to care for their employees, consumers, investors and the communities where they operate. Companies that have imbibed the do-good spirit are not just good corporate citizens, but they also enjoy a clear competitive advantage in today’s world.

Amazon announces drop in earnings after investment spree - Retail Risk
July 28, 2017 - Amazon announced a drop in second-quarter earnings Thursday and forecast lower profts in the third quarter as it enters a phase of heavy investment.

Samsung Appears Set to Replace Apple as the World’s Most Profitable Tech Firm - PC Tech Mag
July 28, 2017 - South Korean giant Samsung on Thursday posted record quarterly earnings, putting it on course to overtake Apple as the world’s most profitable tech firm as it seeks to move past a bribery scandal and last year’s recall debacle.

Amazon and Starbucks take reputation hit from tax avoidance publicity - Independent
July 27, 2017 - Amazon and Starbucks have taken a hit to their reputation after regularly hitting the headlines in recent years for paying low levels of corporation tax.

Have tax avoidance allegations harmed Amazon and Starbucks in the UK? - Management Today UK
July 27, 2017 - A new report claims the US giants' supposed failure to pay their dues has tanked their reputations.

Utilities: Addressing the customer and "what's in it for me?" - Capgemini Blog
July 27, 2017 - It’s only to be expected that when a business asks of something from their customer that they should expect something in return right?

What’s the ROI of: Corporate social responsibility - Incentive & Motivation
July 27, 2017 - We all have ‘the Power to Do Good’ – whatever role we have in our business. But when it comes to corporate social responsibility, can there be an ROI aside from a warm inner glow?

Apple ranks among 'Best-in-Class' brands for loyalty in new marketing study - Apple Insider
July 26, 2017 - Among major corporate brands, Apple has some of the highest loyalty and satisfaction rates with the U.S. public, according to the results of a recent survey.

Our Heroes and 'the Power to Do Good' - PR Newswire
July 26, 2017 - Aflac highlights annual corporate social responsibility report through inspirational stories.

July 25, 2017 - Rarely do you see a major American corporation take the government to trial in a criminal case. But FedEx took the Department of Justice to trial — and won. As a former federal prosecutor, Serina Vash followed the case closely.

Reputation Institute Expands in France and Launches the Largest Ongoing Tracking of Corporate Reputation - Financial Buzz
July 21, 2017 - Reputation Institute is expanding the team in Paris to serve the increasing demand for reputation measurement and management in France. As part of the expansion Reputation Institute is launching the largest ongoing tracking study of corporate reputation in France, where the largest and most visible companies will be measured using RepTrak® on a monthly basis.

Ireland stays in top ten of global reputation survey - Independent
July 21, 2017 - Ireland has maintained its position in the top ten annual ranking of the world's most reputable countries, while the Brexit vote has been blamed for denting the UK's position.

SA moves up four places in reputation study - SA News
July 21, 2017 - South Africa has moved four places up to be ranked 45th in the 2017 Country RepTrak® study conducted by Reputation House, Brand South Africa announced on Friday.

South Africa makes surprise recovery in 2017 reputation index - Polity
July 21, 2017 - Despite ongoing political turmoil and an increase in policy uncertainty, South Africa made a surprise recovery in the 2017 edition of a global reputation study, rising four places to 45 out of 71 countries measured.

Ireland drops one place to 10th in global reputation study - Irish Times
July 20, 2017 - Ireland has dropped one place to 10th in a study of the reputations of 55 countries. Canada and Switzerland took joint first in the study, with scores of 82.75, while Sweden, Australia and New Zealand filled out the top five spots. Ireland finished with a score of 77.4 out of 100.

Mike Ashley reputation hurts Sports Direct as profits plummet 60%, claims study - The Drum
July 20, 2017 - Sports Direct has reported a 60% annual drop in profits, a slump that has been blamed on the decline of the pound by chief executive Mike Ashley, however, research from the Reputation Institute has partially linked the misfortune to the reputation of retail mogul.

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