What Do Reputation Leaders Say About Us?

With RepTrak® we unleash the power of reputation to enable leaders to build better companies. Hear what some of the world’s most reputable companies say about us.


Carlsberg Group

Bruce Ray, VP Global Government Relations

Carlsberg Group Challenge
Carlsberg Group is working to expand colleague, external partner, and consumer awareness of their brand. They want these key stakeholders to understand why the brand’s story in a more impactful way.

Carlsberg Group Results
Carlsberg Group partners with RI to leverage our expertise and experience and to learn how to best scale their brand reputation growing into 2020 and beyond.

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"We manage our brand and reputation as we would manage a strategic business priority; you can't manage it, if you can't measure it."

- Neil Gibson, VP Corporate Communications

FedEx challenge
FedEx sought affirmation that their company's "purple promise" brand initiative to connect people and possibilities around the world was being perceived as such from internal and external stakeholders alike.

FedEx results
Reputation is noted as a key foundational element for the workplace culture at FedEx, as well as for external brand familiarity and recognition. The high FedEx reputation ranking affirms its corporate differentiation as a reputable, ethical company with strong leadership.

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“We have been working on our reputation for over 150 years, but we’re never done."

- Jan Derck Van Karnebeek, Chief Commercial Officer

Heineken challenge
Heineken wanted to proactively engage in the debate of alcohol and health by striving to make "responsible consumption cool."

Heineken results
Taking a clear stance by opening a dialogue with fans and critics alike helped Heineken rank high in leadership, results, and expressiveness. Heineken partnered with Formula 1 legend Jackie Stewart to promote their "when you drive, never drink" campaign in a continued effort to fight alcohol abuse.

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“Our members now get value; they have proper services for them and their loved ones. And our employees feel inspired with meaningful work”

- Martin Kersbergeny, Chief Brand Officer

Dela challenge
In an over saturated funeral insurance market, Dela needed to make a drastic change in their messaging to break through the noise.

Dela results
Dela focused on three key areas: extending their product portfolio, gaining employee support with a purpose-driven corporate story (and a musical performance!), and by catering to external stakeholders, in part by sponsoring the National Women's Volleyball team.

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“I think the Reputation Institute has played a very important role in bringing standards to how we measure engagement and reputation.”

- Pierre Goad, Managing Director & Head of Communications


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“Reputation Institute has helped us bring focus to our communications and make it measurable.”

- Judith Coster, VP Corporate Communications

KLM Challenge
KLM needed help with their internal and external communications and messaging.

KLM Results
RI helps KLM frame their messaging in a way that tells powerful stories that are more emotionally appealing to key stakeholders. RI also delivers data-driven and actionable insights that help KLMs executives have more impactful conversations with their Board of Directors.

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Novo Nordisk

“Reputation Institute helped us build a very solid and trustworthy data-driven framework.”

- Lene Kring, Director Corporate Branding and Reputation

Novo Nordisk Challenge
Novo Nordisk needed to gain support from different stakeholders ranging from their Board of Directors to executive managers, and consumer markets.

Novo Nordisk Results
RI delivered a Reputation Dashboard that tracks and measures Novo Nordisk’s reputation data and provides actionable insights for improvement. The dashboard is easily presentable to stakeholders.

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“RI gives us the opportunity to network with people who have the same challenges, and to see what ideas we can pick up for our own journey.”

- Alexis Thelemaque, Brand Director

Total Challenge
Energy can be a controversial industry. It is often viewed as having negative climate implications.

Total Results
Total is now able to benchmark against its competitors and, through RI’s Reputation Leaders Network, is empowered to network with and learn from executives who face similar challenges.

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