2018 France Corporate Responsibility

Raising the stakes on Corporate Responsibility in France

Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability in France

In 2018, two companies – native Decathlon and Danish LEGO Group – manage to attain a strong CR score in France. Among the Top 50 in CR, those ranked 3rd to 48th are in the average range with the final two companies showing a weak CR score.
Among the top 10, Netflix joins the list as a new company. Google, Siemens, Barilla and Canon rise up the rank to join the top 10, while BIC, Philips, Colgate-Palmolive, Metro AG, Rolex and Danone drop down in ranks. 

Key takeaways  

  • Set a foundation of trust. 
  • Strong Corporate Responsibility translates to strong Corporate Reputation. 
  • Clear and frequent communication is necessary. 
  • Leaders make a difference. 


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