Reputation, Value and Financial Performance

What is the relationship between a company’s operating performance and ratings given to the company by different stakeholders, including media, experts, the public, and other observers? Does a company’s reputation influence its market performance? Is there a reputation benefit –and should companies invest in building and defending it?

Reputation, Value and Financial Performance

Reputation Institute Founder Dr. Charles Fombrun answers these questions through original analyses using data from Reputation Institute’s global RepTrak® studies 2006-2016, complemented by metrics provided by RepRisk, CSR Hub, Corporate Knights, KLD-MSCI, Newsweek, and Forbes. Non-financial metrics are aggregated into an index of (a) Social Performance, and (b) Media Exposure.

Access the research to review the findings, including:

  • Analysis of the reputation ecosystem,
  • The net effect of reputation on market performance,
  • Whether or not RepTrak® portfolios outperform the market.


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