Sustainability as Key to Improving Corporate Reputation

Experts say that a true sustainability strategy has to be embedded in the company itself - in its strategy and in its operations. In this Spanish language brief, explore how CAPSA puts this strategy into action.

Sustainability as Key to Corporate Reputation

In the case of CAPSA, this goes even further: sustainability is in the very DNA of the company and from its very origin, driven by its founder, Jesús Sáenz de Miera y Zapico.

However, in order to achieve the expected results, sustainability must go beyond a concept and an objective: it must be articulated through a clear strategy and implemented through an actionable plan. In fact, Central Lechera Asturiana had a good reputation but had not been able to stand out among the companies with the best reputation in Spain.

Access this Spanish language research brief to take a look inside the case of CAPSA and see how the three CSR Pulse dimensions (Citizenship, Governance, and Workplace) played a role in their reputation management strategy.