Brazil Reputation Pulse 2018: External Report

Brazil’s reputation landscape in 2018 reveals a country more skeptical on corporate behavior and more concern with ethics and transparency issues. Learn the main findings of our research on the reputation of over 350 companies in Brazil, and discover the Top 100 ranked companies and the champions in reputation across 32 industries locally.

Corporate reputations are facing worldwide scrutiny, hence it is no surprise our research sees a downward trend in reputation across the globe. In Brazil, however, this trend is even more accentuated. Companies have lost on average 5.4 points of their reputation capital locally. The negative trend was found in all major industries across of the country’s economy. In an era where intangibles, such as reputation, account for over 80% of market value this trend is worrisome. Our research shows that companies tend to face a tougher environment in Brazil to attract talents and leverage current client’s recommendation.

The public opinion judgement forum is increasingly more skeptical on corporate behavior. Brazilians are increasingly appraising companies attitudes on ethics and transparency – which are the main drivers of reputation in the country after perceptions about products and services. Some opportunities are found in increasing the depth of knowledge consumers have about the institutional aspects of a company. On average, among those who report knowing a company in-depth, reputation is 10 points above among those who don’t. 

Learn more about our research on the reputation of over 350 companies from 32 industries in Brazil and discover the Top 100 reputations in the country: download our report. (Portuguese)


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