Companies with an excellent reputation perform better and are insulated against failure.


Companies with excellent Reputation Scores enjoy:

Stronger Advocaccy

Stronger Advocacy

+ 5.7% increase in positive sentiment for every
5-point improvement in reputation
Increased Sales

Increased Sales

+ 6.3% increase in purchase intent for every
5-point improvement in reputation
Employer Of Choice

Employer of Choice

+ 57% of the general public are willing to work for a
company with an excellent reputation
More Assurance

More Assurance

+63% of the general public give companies with
excellent reputations the benefit of the doubt

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Reputation Intelligence means having a data-driven and wholly integrated understanding of what drives your business globally. 

The RepTrak System uniquely provides leaders with the opportunity to assess how multiple stakeholder groups - employees, investors, customers, regulators - perceive your company. 

RepTrak is a complete Business Intelligence system

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