Media RepTrak leverages machine learning 
and artificial intelligence to:

  • Analyze digital media data at scale, daily
  • Identify topics of conversation that impact your bottom line
  • Categorize digital stories with a focus on reputation — to build trust and credibility 
  • Calculate the pressure and tonality of the conversation in key business areas: Products/Services, Citizenship, Innovation, Leadership, WorkplacePerformance, Governance

Frequently Asked Questions

Media RepTrak

Media RepTrak identifies the most significant digital conversations about companies from media outlets, blogs, and social media


Reptrak Drives an Action

Media RepTrak is the only reputation analytics platform to use predictive analysis to measure reputation risks and opportunities from digital conversations

Media RepTrak enables smarter, fact-based decision-making


Uncover the most significant digital conversations about your business


Use predictive analytics to assess the impact on your corporate reputation


Shift your communications plan to optimize your business strategy

Get Answers with Media RepTrak 

  • Is the media enhancing or hurting my corporate reputation?
  • Which topics are impacting reputation?
  • What are the opportunities and risks resulting from digital conversations?
  • How should the reputational impact be mitigated or leveraged?


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