Perceptions are the reality. Perceptions shape reputation. How stakeholders think and feel about your company impacts reputation, and ultimately drives behavior. Empirical data and deep insight related to how your company contrasts and compares helps to make smarter decisions about how to win on reputation.

But you can’t effectively manage

what you don’t measure


  • Reputation Institute is a pioneer in the science of reputation measurement — and has led the way for more than 20 years.
  • The proprietary RepTrak model provides a rigorous method by which to calibrate reputation. 
  • RepTrak is considered by many as the global gold standard in reputation measurement.


Reptrak Analyzer

RepTrak is a validated methodology that enables companies to positively impact behavior and business outcomes


RepTrak provides a normative basis for measuring the reputation among the stakeholders who matter


Continuous RepTrak measurement provides a longitudinal understanding of reputation – and a means by which to proactively enable leaders to more effectively manage it


Annual RepTrak measurement provides a periodic benchmark of reputation – and basis by which to make long-term strategic decisions about reputation

RepTrak can be applied to measure the reputation of your company across multiple stakeholders

RepTrak Multi-Stakeholder


The RepTrak model uniquely measures perceptions and provides an unparalleled basis for normatively assessing your company reputation relative to your competitors.