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Top 10 most reputable companies in the united states

US RepTrak

Netflix - #1 Corporate REputation in the United States

This reputational leap is reflected by Reputation Institute's US RepTrak, the annual ranking of the most reputable US companies. For the first time ever, Netflix has risen to the top of the list jumping from #23 in 2018 to #1 in 2019. [Read More]




US RepTrak in the News

America's Most Reputable Companies 2019 - Forbes

Forbes and Reputation Institute

April 3, 2019 - "For the first time in a long time, less than half of the US population trusts corporations... companies haven't done enough to build trust." - Brad Hecht, senior managing director of the Americas, Reputation Institute.

Netflix surges an unprecedented 23 spots in a single year - Google, Amazon, Nike, Facebook endure consumer backlash and suffer steep drops. Netflix, Inc. leap-frogged some of the most highly regarded companies in the U.S. to earn the #1 ranking in the biggest corporate reputation study ever conducted in the U.S.

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US RepTrak Methodology

The US RepTrak 100 study is based on an online survey conducted in Jan-Feb 2019 with 167,000 ratings among the US general public. Measuring over 2,200 companies in 2019, only 390 were eligible for selection and your company is among them. To be considered one of the most reputable companies in the US, companies must have a familiarity above 30% among the US informed general public and have a revenue of $1B+. This year's ranking is a combination of B2C and B2B companies across industries. 

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