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Airlines provide the fastest and safest mode of transportation for an ever-increasing customer base that’s expected to double in the next 20 years.

The airline industry is uniquely vulnerable to risk — safety, labor relations, consumer dissatisfaction, climate change, political conflict. These crises are often exacerbated by swift media attention.

The result is a Product experience and Governance challenge. 

The airline industry is under the spotlight across stakeholder groups and is challenged with the need to swiftly provide transparent and extensively fact-based responses.  

How We Add Value 

At RI, we study reputation and use data insights to strategically focus on what matters most to airline industry stakeholders — passengers, employees, regulators, investors — and open communication to proactive risk mitigation. 

We guide airlines by helping them communicate in a way that positively impacts reputation and drives returns. 

Did you know?

Over 60% of the general public does not have a formed opinion on whether airlines are transparent and ethical — this is an opportunity for airlines to transform their communication.


"RI has helped us bring focus to our communications and make it measurable." 

– Judith Coster, VP Corporate Communications, KLM

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