Guiding the Consumer Journey

The consumer industry enjoys a strong emotional connection with the general public. Yet it does not deliver on the rational drivers that matter most to consumers. 

The result is a risk mitigation challenge. To retain that emotional bond, consumers expect that the industry delivers tangible results. 

The consumer industry is expected to represent more than just quality products. Consumers seek transparent and socially-driven companies that have a purpose beyond financials.

How We Add Value

At RI, we study reputation and use data insights to understand the demands of a complex stakeholder ecosystem — customers, consumers, employees, regulators, investors — that will ensure long-term loyalty. 

We help focus consumer brands on key issues by providing learnings from stakeholders that ultimately drive returns. 

Did you know?

Corporate social responsibility is the only area in which the consumer industry fails to achieve a strong score -  an opportunity for strong gains.

Consumer Industry: Role of Reputation
with Stephen Hahn-Griffiths


"For me and all my colleagues, reputation drives our mission forward, inspiring and developing the builders of tomorrow."

– Niels B. Christiansen, CEO, The LEGO Group

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