Calculating a Return on Reputation Intelligence

The financial services industry strives to provide financial guidance, security, and insurance. It moves the economy forward by investing in society, business, and personal growth. 

Yet, only 30% of the general public trusts financial services companies. 

The result is a trust challenge. 

The challenge stems from the actions that resulted in the 2008 financial crisis. Stakeholders switched their focus from Performance and Products and Services to the moral behavior and Governance of financial institutions. 


How We Add Value


 At RI, we study reputation and analyze data to understand which stakeholders —  customers, regulators, NGOs, small businesses, governments, employees —  will help regain trust and drive positive outcomes for the financial services industry. 

We advise financial services companies to focus on what matters most to key stakeholders by facilitating genuine relationships that drive returns. 

Did you know?

Only 25% of the general public characterizes the financial services industry as genuine — this is a change to increase this perception.

Financial Services Industry: Role of Reputation
with Brad Hecht

“We’ve worked with RI to create a reputation platform, define our positioning with relative KPIs, and develop a reputational risk management model.” 

– Alberto Federici, Chief Communications Officer, Unipol

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