Healing Reputation

The pharmaceutical industry works to preserve human life, cure illness, and improve life expectancy. 

Yet, only 20% of the general public are familiar with pharmaceutical companies. The pharmaceutical industry is highly-regulated with restrictions on how its leaders can directly engage consumers. 

The result is an awareness challenge. 

Issues of health care costs, medication prices, and medical insurance — surrounded by a complex stakeholder ecosystem — prevent pharmaceutical companies from getting the support they deserve.


How We Add Value


At RI, we work diligently to pinpoint exactly which stakeholders — consumers, investors, employees, policy-makers, physicians — will help move the needle in favor of positive growth. 

We unleash the voice of pharmaceutical brands by helping them connect with key stakeholders to raise awareness and drive returns. 

Did you know?

6 out of 10 people are either uncertain or unsure whether pharma companies govern morally — this is an opportunity to convince them otherwise.

Pharma Industry: Role of Reputation
with Stephen Hahn-Griffiths

Novo Nordisk

“There’s no way out of proactively managing reputation.”

– Lene Kring, Director of Corporate Branding & Reputation, Novo Nordisk

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