Moving Retailers Through Industry Change


With technological advancements, the traditional retail landscape is being challenged. Store closures are at an all-time high as the shift from brick and mortar to digital shopping increases. 

The result is an identity challenge. With over half of the general public uncertain about whether retail companies have a strong brand, retailers are urged to share their corporate story and purpose. 


How We Add Value 


At RI, we study reputation and track data across the reputational seasons to help deliver on the demands of retail industry stakeholders — supply chain, employees, customers, regulators, wholesalers — in favor of positive growth. 

We help unleash the voice of retail brands by empowering them to connect with key stakeholders to strengthen their purpose and drive results. 

Did you know?

In the retail industry, 44% of stakeholders are driven to action by products — an opportunity for companies to share their narrative about leadership, social responsibility, and ethical management.

Retail Industry: Role of Reputation
with Michele Tesoro-Tess

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