Leading Through More Than Innovation


Technology companies are synonymous with innovation and development. They build efficiencies, make our lives easier, and bring the future closer. 

Yet, Innovation is one of the least important dimensions to stakeholders when it comes to the technology industry. 

As a result, alongside quality, the technology industry is asked to be a positive influence on society. They must deliver on Products and Services, but with high ethical standards.


How We Add Value 


At RI, we strategically focus on what matters to the complex technology stakeholder ecosystem — regulators, governments, consumers, businesses, investors — and how to drive positive impact across all. 

We create alignment between technology companies and their stakeholders to establish a solid license-to-operate that enhances business results. 

Did you know?

Citizenship emerges as one of the leading dimensions of reputation — an opportunity for technology companies to differentiate themselves and set standards within their industry.

Technology Industry: Role of Reputation
with Brad Hecht

“At Cisco, we are working every day to securely connect everything, innovate everywhere, and benefit everyone. Being named a most reputable company is an honor and a signal that we are doing our job.” 

– Victor De Souza, Vice President of Communications, Cisco

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“You need a very good partner. In my case, that was the Reputation Institute, and I would advise you to do the same.” 

– Hans Koeleman, Vice President of Corporate Communications & Corporate Social Responsibility, KPN

Be reputation savvy.