Reputation Institute - Why Companies Engage Us
Why Companies Engage Us

Why Companies Engage Us

Reputation Economy leaders acknowledge and engage us because we bring the right people, process and proven track record to their needs. Reputation is our sole focus. A 20-year niche. In a discipline we created. And because…

  • We dig in deep  
  • Gathering immense amounts of information and data points from each client. We ask the hard questions. Discover efficiently. Then analyze and strategize to arrive at clear, meaningful, actionable solutions – including turning data you already have into quick wins.

  • We use a proven lens that brings order and simplicity to complexity  
  • Leveraging RepTrak® enables us to collapse masses of data and perception studies into one clear picture of what matters. That makes decision-making across all your stakeholder touchpoints much easier.

  • Our analytical framework is the best of both worlds  
  • It’s partly fixed in terms of the core rational and emotional dimensions of reputation. It’s also customized for each client and their dynamics. So no two companies ever use the same lens. Our RepTrak® framework is not only flexible, but also proven and powerful. It’s fundamental to everything we do. CEOs use it as a board-level KPI.

  • We don’t reinvent the wheel  
  • We use as many building blocks inside a client company as we can, together with what we gather in our up-front discovery process.

  • We go right to the heart of each company’s urgent reputation challenges  
  • Our goal is to make important findings, and provide extremely clear and candid observations and advice.

  • We get leaders across an organization fully engaged  
  • We answer the reputation questions vital to them and help advance their reputation change agendas (and their careers).

  • We’re widely-recognized reputation pioneers and global thought-leaders  
  • We launched the discipline. RI founder Charles Fombrun (literally) wrote the book on it. We’ve added 20 years of ideas and insights since then.

  • We enable greater business success  
  • Effective, enterprise-wide reputation management is an essential means to this end.