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Managing Your City’s Reputation with 2013 City RepTrak®

City RepTrak® is a global survey of more than 22,000 consumers, collected in the G8 countries, that ranks the world’s 100 most reputable cities based on levels of trust, esteem, admiration and respect, as well as perceptions regarding 13 attributes, grouped into three dimensions: “Advanced Economy”, “Effective Government” and “Appealing Environment”.

Study results confirm the link between city reputations and economic outcomes and the need for destinations to pay attention to their reputation.

Sydney has the world’s best reputation. The rest of the top five cities include: Toronto, Stockholm, Vienna and Venice. At the opposite end of the scale are Cairo, Nairobi, Karachi, Tehran and Baghdad.

Top Trends include:

  • The reputation of a country affects the reputation of its cities – There is a demonstrated correlation between the reputation of a city and the reputation of the country in which it is located. In general terms, the reputation of a city is slightly above that of its respective country.
  • American cities continue to improve their reputations – The worst appears to be over for the American cities, who this year re-enforced the improvement in their reputations.
  • Cities in Italy and Greece are recovering – The recovery of both Greece’s and Italy’s reputations recorded in the Country RepTrak® Study 2013 is also reflected in their cities.
  • The “emerging” cities are trending downwards – While the growth in the reputations of emerging countries such as Mexico, South Korea, Brazil, Taiwan, Indonesia or Malaysia is positive, the reputations of the cities in these countries fall.
  • Awareness helps, but awareness alone is not sufficient – Being a well-known city is not synonymous with having a good reputation. The cities with a good reputation, yet insufficient levels of awareness have a clear communication opportunity.
  • Europe dominates the global stage in reputation – Europe has a clear dominance of the global reputation stage, with an average of 76.5 points and 15 cities listed within the top twenty.

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City Reputation matters and it’s important to create support across the whole stakeholder ecosystem… In order to work strategically with your reputation and brand you should:

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Why City RepTrak® Study matters to you:

The insights generated through the City RepTrak® Study allow decision makers to:

  • Measure how reputation influences a city's attractiveness as a destination for tourists, investment or business.
  • Define which variables affect the reputation of a city, as well as the impact each variable has.
  • Match changes in reputation variables to a wide set of supportive behaviors shown towards the city.
  • Map the global reputation landscape of the city using a single lens.
  • Offer a global KPI system for managing reputation.
  • Compare and address gaps that exist between the perceptions held by the different stakeholders, and the reality on the ground within the city.
  • Create the business case for active reputation management.