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CSR RepTrak® 100

2014 CSR RepTrak® 100 Study

The 2014 Global CSR RepTrak® study findings highlight the growing importance of CSR (corporate social responsibility) and sustainability issues for consumers. Today, 89% of consumers are willing to recommend companies with excellent CSR RepTrak® scores, compared to only 6% of consumers who would recommended companies with poor CSR RepTrak® scores.

Key findings of the study include:

  • Overall, even the most reputable companies in the world lag in their CSR reputation: out of 101 global companies in the ranking, only 6 have Strong reputation for their CSR, with the remaining companies earning Average CSR reputation from consumers globally
  • Consumers across countries remain highly uncertain about corporate performance in the Citizenship dimension
  • Increasing public awareness of company’s CSR performance is key to maximizing the return on investment (ROI) in CSR and sustainability. Companies that understand how to create positive perceptions of their CSR programs gain reputational and business benefit in the form of increased sales and recommendations from consumers.
  • Top three CSR reputation winners in 2014 are Google, Microsoft and The Walt Disney Company

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